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Tree Buried in the Name of Forest

Exhibition : Immersive Audiovisual Installation

2023년 8월 23일

Tree Buried in the Name of Forest, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

Tree Buried in the Name of Forest, 11'47'', Immersive Audiovisual Installation

June 23, 2023 ~ August 23, 2023

In this work imaginary images show internal space and time, departing from real space and time.

The tree that loses its way asks after the land left for us.

Is the side that lost its way the side that puts down roots?

Or, is that a being that remains uprooted and floating?

The forest stretches out.

It turns to a dot or vanishes away. The subject of appreciation moves from the ‘space’ of a forest to ‘time’ at the moment that everything disappears. This work is intended to show emotional illusion in this transfer.

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