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Strolling, Parnas Media Tower, COEX Media Tower

Parnas Media Tower, COEX Media Tower

2021년 11월 7일

Strolling, Parnas Media Tower, COEX Media Tower

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[Promenade], 산책, 1'10'', Part I - Part IV

Strolling In the midst of the city, a forest opens up

Living together in the cyclical time, we stand in a virtual forest composed of points and ask each other how we're doing.

In the post-pandemic era, as people went through the pandemic, what actually brought them closer was nature. The direction of our gaze, leading to trees and forests, was set.

The moment of strolling is a mixture of illusion, perspective, and walking, where overlapping times cycle as we continue from one road to another.

2021              [Promenade], - 1st JoongAng Media Art Contest Winner, Seoul, Korea

                   Parnas Media Tower, Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea                   COEX Media Tower, Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea

                   *Facade (Schedule)                   From November 1 to November 7, 2021                   10:31:04 / 11:31:04 / 12:31:04 / 13:31:04                   14:31:04 / 15:31:04 / 16:31:04 / 17:31:04                   18:31:04 / 19:31:04 / 20:31:04 / 21:31:04

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