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15th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

15th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

2023년 9월 14일

Their own ways, Documantary Film, Official Seclection, 15th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

Their own ways, Documantary Film, 36'

This is a documentary video composed of From Mara to Jeju, Chaguido, Missing pieces. etc. It is intended to look into time in Marado, its characteristics and emotional isolation while capturing the process by which dead tree roots in Marado were brought to the museum’s gallery. This film asks questions such as, ‘Is the sea a terror to us?’ ‘Is loneliness beautiful?’ and ‘ Does isolation bring about impoverishment?’ from perspectives that are connected to many places.


In an accidental meeting, and a short conversation, we discover the moment when women are isolated from society, or the moment of personal isolation from the community. This work looked into another form of social isolation through the connection between the feeling of giving up, or leading to 'it is unavoidable'. And what we feel in the dry root that it left behind is translocation and isolated time.

It is a documentary composed of encounters with people and objects from Mara to Jeju, Chagwi Island. The process of moving the tree roots found in Mara Island to the exhibition hall of Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art takes center stage. In Chagwi Island, which has become an uninhabited island, young dancers are also encountered. The time of the island, the characteristics of Mara Island, and the continuous contemplation of existence and isolation grow within the space. As the tree's location is moved to various places, questions are thrown according to each individual's way: 'Is the sea an object of fear?' 'Is loneliness beautiful?' 'Does isolation breed decay?' 'Have you ever felt lonely during your life?' The tree roots, carried by the waves during a typhoon, spent nine years on Mara Island and are now at the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art in the final scene of the video. What is confronted at this moment is the perspective on the movement of places and isolated time."


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